I love to paint.

I am a full time artist and painter of oil on canvas. I have made my living exclusively as an artist for over 40 years. Until I started painting full time I have rarely worked in only one aspect of the art business, but usually two or three at a time. While I have made my living in large part by pursuing work in commercial applications, there has remained one constant throughout - painting on canvas. It has always been for me a way of retaining a connection to art that is not ruled by the mechanics of commercial styles and practices.

For the first decades of my career my painting was principally a variety of surrealism and symbolism, usually acrylic on canvas. For the last fifteen years, however, I have been painting landscapes in oil, occasionally a still life, or a hybrid of the two. I build my own stretchers and stretch and gesso my own canvases. All painting, varnishing and simple framing is done by me.

Development of imagery, although occasionally done on location, is usually by means of photography which I do myself. Utilizing decades of retouching experience I am able to alter the composition, color, contrast etc. to suit what I feel will make the best painting from a particular subject. I look at an output inkjet print to paint. I do not draw with pencils but simply start drawing with a brush full of paint directly onto the canvas. I build color density and detail with successive passes through the painting- usually 2 or 3- until I am comfortable with the look I am achieving. I seek to attain a high degree of realism particularly with respect to the various ways light affects the natural world. I frequently have more than one painting going at once as I find that getting away from the image, even for a day or two, helps me to attain some objectivity about it.

I take some inspiration from the painters of the Hudson River School and the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. I hope the viewer will find my particular version of the physical world visually interesting, perhaps emotionally engaging. I wish to impart a little of my personal response to the beauty of the most mundane facets of that physical world.